Time for Change…

Some people hate it, change can be tough and scary and procrastinated over. When we’ve been doing the same thing out of habit, and no longer think about how it affects things in or around our life, it just feels comfy, like a warm cozy sweater wrapped around us and who doesn’t love that?!?


So we put it off, one more day won’t hurt anything and we have so many other things that need to be done first.  Clean the lint filter, mow the lawn, new batteries in the smoke detector, cleaning the grout around the tile or anything else that prevents us from starting today.  Yeah change can happen tomorrow, and then another tomorrow comes and another and another and anotherrrrrrr……………..okay maybe next year change will happen.

My change happened slowly, very slowly.  I had read different reports on high fructose corn syrup and just didn’t like what I read so I chose to eliminate it from my diet.  At the time it seemed like an easy choice.  I could not have been more wrong.  I never read the ingredient list on the foods I bought, I thought I was making healthy choices, and the one thing I was trying to eliminate was in most of the food products I was purchasing.  Okay, so I started shopping just the perimeter of my local grocery store unless I needed rice or beans and started making my own homemade food.  I even took some cooking classes,  I really needed them and my smoke detector thanked me.  Holy crap what a difference in taste that made!!  Who knew cooking healthy nutritious foods could be so easy?  I didn’t know that’s why I avoided it.  Change number one complete.


The phase I’m working on changing now is cleaning supplies.  We all know of the hidden dangers in cleaning products, that’s why we have to keep them locked away from little kids or your husband who likes to experiment with different chemicals on the grease stain in the garage, geez!  Anyway, I’ve found that using vinegar, water, sea salt, lemon  and baking soda are excellent cleaners. Those few basic ingredients used in different proportions will clean most surfaces in your home. For example, to clean your wooden cutting boards, use sea salt and lemon juice.  The lemon juice acts as an anti-bacterial and the salt is scrubbing away stains. If you like you can rub some food grade coconut oil into the board to help season the wood.  Easy right?  There are a lot of simple solutions for cleaning products with ingredients you may already have in your home.  Try it, it saves you money and helps the environment.

My next baby steps will be learning how to can/freeze food.  Since summer is on its way, I’ll do my research now (I wish I could plant a garden…stupid home owners association won’t let me).  I’d also like to find some simple solutions for shampoo or body wash so if you have any tips on that please let me know.


Change doesn’t happen overnight or even in a week.  It’s a conscious choice to improve yourself because something isn’t working for you anymore. It’s hard to get started but my dear friend told me that if something scares you and excites you both than you know its right for you.  Your change will be different from mine and that’s okay, we all have something we’d like to be different in our lives. So what is it that you’d like to be different?  Will you tell me about something you changed for yourself?






18 thoughts on “Time for Change…

  1. Hello, Aimee! Well, seeing’s you asked-

    I made a huge change, which took me years and makes me happier and saner, more effective and easier to be with. Change does not always make sense, and others may counsel against, but the heart’s Yes is the guide.

    Down the back from me is the river Nene, pronounced Nenn here and Neen downstream of about fourteen miles away.

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  2. Changes can be of good health or bad health. When I moved up from the D.C. area to upstate New York, it was definitely a change in scenery, culture and lifestyle. I was ready for the change in all aspects of my life, and ready to continue my career with another agency. Everyday we face change when the day and hours change constantly, however, you can either embrace the change that happens around you or die with the old; good healthy change that is.

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    1. That’s the key part of it…embracing it. I’ve read a lot of different yet wonderful posts today regarding change and those who resisted it. Most said they wished they would have welcomed it and not fought it so hard because what they were fighting against eventually brought about more peace for them. It sounds like your change was a blessing to you.

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  3. I’ve just ventured into the canning process in the past few years using my grandma’s recipes. Although it is time consuming and makes my kitchen a big mess, it is so worth it in the winter months!

    If you find any natural cleaning products that work really well, pass along the information! Now that my daughter is on the move and crawling all over the place I want to use products that are less toxic.

    Also, do you have an Aldi’s around? They are starting to clean up a lot of their packaged foods!

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    1. I’ve heard that the time invested in canning is worth the effort involved. I’m excited to get started! I love that you use your grammas recipes. As I venture into safe and effective cleaning supplies I will certainly pass along the info., gotta keep your little angel safe! Is there anything in particular you were thinking of changing? We do have ALDI’s close by, I’ll check it out. Thanks for the info on that.


      1. I’m definitely planning on changing what I’m mopping with. Although I’m sure I’ll miss the fresh scent of my floor cleaner, I know it’s better for Everly! Do you use vinegar for you floors?


  4. Let me know when you are ready to learn how to can and preserve. I can teach you everything you need to know and it really is super easy! Anthony Ongaro has a blog “Break the Twitch” which has inspired me. I tend to get sucked into social media and those “look at where these celebrities are now” kind of thing. Which completely wastes my time. I wrote a list of things I want to forward focus on and I am really trying to consiously focus on my goals. I used to be so efficient before the internet and cell phones. I want to get back to that.

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    1. Oh my goodness, yes the Internet seems to make time disappear but you can do it! Make a schedule and stick to it. I also find myself getting lost online and had to make a schedule. Do you have a blog post on canning? I’m ready to learn as much as I can about the process.


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