Sunday Funday…

As I spend this week in Tennessee with my granddaughter, I came across this and thought it was a beautiful reminder of how to be right here, right now


And this is why I’m here, to spend time with this sassy pants angel!


Have a beautiful day!



9 thoughts on “Sunday Funday…

  1. @marymargaretripley Thanks we had a great time. My daughter, Tawnie and I took her to see the movie Zootopia yesterday and she said she liked it. Later on my son, Jesse came over to Tawnie’s house and we had a spaghetti dinner (which Jesse hates but little Livi loves) I love being able to get my kids together under one roof, always a lot of fun!


  2. @poorrobert Yeah I like to think she is, Livi looks like her daddy and has her momma’s personality and her momma is a mini-me. My daughter, Tawnie could have been my twin, looks like me, acts like me so yeah my granddaughter is a lot like me


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