Look up from your phone, what do you see?  A little girl crying because she skinned her knee. Did you notice, it was you that made her fall as she now slowly starts to bawl?


As you sit on the train reading your email, a crippled old lady shuffles by like a snail. Her back is bent, her head hung low, did you offer your seat while talking to Joe?

Look up, look up or else you’ll miss it. The homeless man who just got hit,  his lip is bleeding, his assailant flees, can you get him some help as he’s down on his knees?

Look closely my dear, put down your phone, the world is so busy yet we are all so alone. We think of our selves,  we have no time, we’re far to busy to help clean up the grime.

She sits alone, reading her book, you pass right by without even a look. Your phone a distraction that keeps you from seeing the real world we live in and the need for all healing.


*photo from socialhermit



38 thoughts on “Help…

  1. Such a moving post! I loved your writing style and you have powerful words !!
    Yes i read it on my phone too!
    Also, your theme is really good!
    (Here from community pool)

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  2. So true in today’s world and the picture is just heart-breaking. But thats the truth isn’t it. Even in social media we see people vying to post pics of burning buildings or accidents or worse, take “selfies” with the devastating conditions as background. Pictures like this needs to be put in the daily lives of people as much as possible. Great to see that you are doing your part 🙂 Hubby and I try to observe a no-tech day in a week as much as possible 😀 It is really difficult but its worth the effort 🙂 You enjoy so much more when you are not glued to your lappies and mobiles !!

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  3. My wife and I were talking about this very subject only last Friday, we nearly ran a young man over who was glued to his ‘phone and walked right in front of us as we drove by. If my wife had not seen him and had not warned me, ours and his life would be very different now. I learned a valuable lesson and my ‘phone stays in my pocket unless I am sat down or stood still. Hope the young man does as well!

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    1. Oh boy, you’re all very lucky it turned out as it did! And good for you for having some control over your phone sessions! I hope others see you as an inspiration to do the same.


  4. You are spot on! A true commentry of how we have become slaves of gadgets. Yesterday I read a news somewhere that a youngster fell in the sea and died while taking a selfie standing on a rock!
    We need to control our impulse of checking messages and mails every two minutes. How to use science for our good totally depends on us.
    I have shared this post on Facebook as well 🙂

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    1. Oh my gosh, what a compliment! Thank you for sharing this! What a tragic loss of a young life, I feel awful for them and their parents. I’m guessing it happens more than what is reported, with texting and driving and all. Control and balance are key factors when hanging out with gadgets instead people, hopefully we will all get a handle on that soon!

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  5. Hi, read a bit of your blog (including this post) after I noticed you liked a comment of mine recently. I like this post. I feel rather conflicted about technology in general at times (even with how much I use it), when I really think about it. It’s advanced so much to be able to do so much good and enable us to help others, and yet at the same time it can distance us as well, make us closed off from one another. Connect people from far away, yet push people nearby so far apart. Sometimes I feel like technology advances way too quickly and in ways that gets far too ahead of itself before it’s ready even.

    My point is, it’s rather sad when people would rather capture a tragic incident on their phones, or ignore people in need with whatever device we may have instead of offering help, isn’t it? Thank you for your post, it’s a nice little reminder of this, that there’s people behind the screens, and people in the world in general.

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    1. The irony of it all, right? Too much social media can make you anti-social. It is a little sad that we have a hard time regulating ourselves. Maybe someday it will become the norm to keep our gadgets for personal home use instead of always using them in public places. We have become a bit like paparazzi.

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  6. Remarkable so much said and so much realization as to the addiction we have people go to rehab for addictions, maybe there should be a rehab for addiction to the phone, as no matter how much we say that we will put it down we don’t actually do it so thank you.

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  7. ‘People are prisoners of phones. That’s why they’re called “cell” phones.’
    Most people miss out on the little big things that happen outside as they stare at their mobiles, me included. You keep reminding us of the beautiful world outside of our phones and laptops. Thank you. 😀

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    1. Clever pun! I was taught to always be aware of my surroundings so I spend a lot of time doing surveillance. I try to keep my tech gadgets in use while I’m at home rather than in public. Probably because I love people watching!

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