One moment please…

Actually, I need more than one moment before life starts each day. Let me finish my coffee if you want me to make sense, otherwise I’m not responsible for what comes out of my mouth and you can’t hold it against me! Anyone else share my addiction? The first step is always admitting to it.  I’m looking for my coffee loving tribe.



Have you ever got stuck in a dead end phone call where the operator says, “One moment please”?  And can you almost hear the snarkiness in their voice?  Then you’re out there floating around in some kind of phone call purgatory and I imagine the person on the other end is guzzling coffee by the gallon just to make it through their day! I always think that they’re secretly listening to me when they put me on “hold” and the hold music somehow corresponds to my thoughts.  Now my head is bobbing to the beat of Anne Murray (Spread your tiny wings and fly awayyyyyy) as I’m mentally going over my grocery list, geezzz. Wait, that song does not complement my thoughts…get out of my head Anne Murray!!

The operator comes back on and he sounds a little calmer but tells me he has to transfer me to a supervisor..on hold again. Now I’m the one guzzling the coffee. Is he really transferring me or asking his co-worker, you know the one sitting right next to him, to play the part of supervisor?  I watched a movie (can’t remember the name of it) where they did that and now I’m convinced that actually happens.

The “supervisor” (yeah right you can’t fool me) gets on to look up my order that somehow got lost and I can hear her slurping her coffee. That’s good, she’s not afraid to hide her love of coffee, she’s a part of my tribe.   After a bit of chatting she tells me my rose skull t-shirt is in the mail and should be there in a few days.  Finally!!


Grammas can rock this look right??  Actually, I can’t, it’s been over a week and I still haven’t received it.


24 thoughts on “One moment please…

  1. I loved this post! I thought I’d have something to “respectfully disagree” with but I feel your frustration Gramma! I’ll just say I volunteer in a legal call centre and can assure you that not all phone call operators are alike. I love love love coffee and share your addiction but will try my hardest not to have a sip while i’m on a call.
    PS: I love your picture!

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      1. My friends ask me the same thing! And I wish I was paid for it but some people don’t have the money for legal fees so I help by taking down as much information as possible regarding their employment legal query to pass it on to a specialised lawyer who deals with their case. It’s good work experience for me but I’ll be moving on soon.

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  2. Dear Gramma: This Grampa has become one of your followers. I have, however, about twenty-five years up on you. Therefore, I am offering up myself to you as your personal go-to guy for the rest of my life as a Personal Trainer. Like a Tumblr Site, “Ask Me Anything”: One grandson, two granddaughters. I do wish you so well as you love and hugg and squeeze those “grands” of yours. :o)

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  3. I love the photo of you, haha! I totally know that feeling of being put on hold… Hopefully you will receive that cool T-shirt soon:)
    By the way, remember to tag your posts, this one is really fun and should reach more readers;)

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