Come On Nene!

This is my grand daughter!  Livi Raye, my daughter came up with the name from a character she seen on the Hallmark channel.  She’s two and recently learned how to face time (video call for IPhones), which in it self amazes me. I mean, when  I was two I could barely operate a jack-in-the-box and here she is conquering technology!  By the time she’s five she’ll likely be Bill Gates’ assistant, geesh.
She calls me Nene (nee-nee), we don’t know where she picked that up from but it stuck so that’s what I am, her Nene. Okay, I secretly love that she came up with an original name for me other than grandma, who wouldn’t??


So we face time a lot because she lives in Tennessee while I’m in Michigan. She’s always saying, “Come on Nene, come on.” The tone in her voice sounds like she’s trying to get the dog to follow her around, yeah you know the voice.  She gets frustrated because she can’t get me out of the phone.

Silly girl!  Here’s a typical convo with this sassy toddler:

Her: hi Nene, I wove you! ( her L’s sound like W’s)
Me: hi baby, whatcha doing?
Her: fjdioelgncbah kcmsls and DADDDDY! (If you understand that, than you probably have toddlers)
Me: Ummm, that sounds fun ?
Her: come on nene, come on. Howd my hand (in a struggling voice as she trys reaching into the phone). Ohhhhhh Nene out, come on!

She’s still struggling to get me out of the phone as her mom is saying, “Nene can’t come out, she’s at home. Let me talk to her.” Little Livi becomes possessive and yells, ” NOOO, my Nene!” And she’s off running through the house to hide from her mom while I’m in the phone getting motion sickness from all the running. 😩


But isn’t it wonderful to have someone love you that much? Her and I get to have private little adventures on face time as she drags me all over.  She tells me to, “Wook Nene!” And I have to turn my head as if I can see what she sees otherwise she keeps telling me to wook. Usually the only thing I see is the ceiling or sky because she hasn’t figured out how to hold the phone so I can see her.  I gotta admit sometimes I get a little dizzy but I love that she calls me! It makes my heart smile. And I hope it made yours smile too!



6 thoughts on “Come On Nene!

  1. Hey…… your grand daughter is soooo adorable!!!
    Wondeful writing…simply loved it…may be my love for kids attracted me to this 😊
    My mom also does the same….she talks to her grand children through skyp and could see how excited and happy she is to play with them!!
    In India we call grandma -Naani (mom’s mom)…. your little sweet girl is calling some what same 😍

    Looking forward to read more….esp about your little sweet heart 😊!!

    Happy blogging!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. @nadishaf thanks for all the compliments. I also love little ones, they are so honest and pure. I wish we could all stay that way. And who knew my little bug was already picking a new language. I’ll have to let my daughter know!

      Liked by 1 person

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