Look up from your phone, what do you see?  A little girl crying because she skinned her knee. Did you notice, it was you that made her fall as she now slowly starts to bawl?


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A few things I suck at…


People like to point out our flaws, don’t they?!  So this is a very raw and honest post about my vulnerabilities.


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Shut up…seriously

Haven’t you wanted to say that to someone who you know is just making up a story?? You hear them speaking but you can see the words, “I’m lying!”, coming right out of their mouths.  Now I’m not the kind of person who’s going to call them out but I’m certainly thinking it and secretly wishing someone else will.  Is that evil of me?


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One moment please…

Actually, I need more than one moment before life starts each day. Let me finish my coffee if you want me to make sense, otherwise I’m not responsible for what comes out of my mouth and you can’t hold it against me! Anyone else share my addiction? The first step is always admitting to it.  I’m looking for my coffee loving tribe.



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Doing Nothing…

Doing nothing, nothing at all. Just being still and taking it all in; the world that is. We’re made to feel guilty if we do nothing, and maybe that’s self-imposed because we’ve become accustomed to multi-tasking. Lately I feel the need to slow things down a bit so I can enjoy what’s right in front of me. I set up a lonely chair on my back patio and sit outside by myself listening to the birds and bugs. I watch the ducks down by the creek bobbing their heads in and out of the water. I notice the new buds emerging from the sleepy trees and pay attention to where the birds are busy building nests. The grass seems to get a little greener each day and I have this crazy squirrel, who comes up to the patio (as long as I sit still long enough), investigating the small wood pile we have.


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Come On Nene!

This is my grand daughter!  Livi Raye, my daughter came up with the name from a character she seen on the Hallmark channel.  She’s two and recently learned how to face time (video call for IPhones), which in it self amazes me. I mean, when  I was two I could barely operate a jack-in-the-box and here she is conquering technology!  By the time she’s five she’ll likely be Bill Gates’ assistant, geesh.
She calls me Nene (nee-nee), we don’t know where she picked that up from but it stuck so that’s what I am, her Nene. Okay, I secretly love that she came up with an original name for me other than grandma, who wouldn’t??


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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Dresser

One year of blogging!  It’s a blog-aversary so I thought I’d re-blog the original that got me started on this journey.   Continue reading “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Dresser”